Freestanding workstation: UK66-LE mini-kitchen model from YesterTec

The UK66-LE mini-kitchen model is notable for its moldings and distinctive sunburst design.

YesterTec has launched the UK66-LE mini-kitchen model, notable for its moldings and distinctive sunburst design. Enclosed behind the doors, in a width of just five and a half feet, is a fully functional kitchen that includes up to five appliances, sink, extra-deep countertops and storage space. All of this is housed in an armoire available in various styles and finishes.

The interior has a 120V induction cooktop with its own set of pots and a sink large enough to wash them. The solid surface countertop is sized to hold small appliances and still leave room for preparing food. A spice rack and three adjustable shelves offer space for dry goods and dishes, while two drawers under the cooktop provide storage for pans and utensils. An optional third drawer can be replaced with a dishwasher if desired. Under the sink is an area large enough for a garbage disposal, a small trash can and cleaning supplies. Different models of ovens, microwaves and refrigerator/freezers are available to choose from, including upgrades with convection and speed cooking and refrigerator drawers with ice makers.

Neither the cooktop nor the oven will function when the armoire doors are closed in front of them. Only when the doors are opened and slid into their pockets will the power to the appliances be activated. This safety feature is UL Listed.

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