Stoned by Buster + Punch

Buster + Punch launched a new light fixture called Stoned, which puts an industrial edge and twist on the traditional-looking table lamp.

Inspired by the Victorian-era candlelight, Stoned comprises Buster + Punch LED technology with a resin-light pipe set in a hand-blown glass shell made of polycarbonate, called Tubes. Designed as a sculptural centerpiece with an extended light pipe, the Tubes LED bulb combines a spotlight with a light reminiscent of ambient candlelight.

Stoned uses just 1/50th of the energy of a conventional light bulb, since this light is built to last for more than 27 years (based on three hours of use per day). The table light is finished with knurled matte black detailing and hovers suspended from a single piece of stone.

The Stoned light is available in white marble or black granite, which is sliced into an angular quadrilateral base.

Photo credit: Buster + Punch