Glamorous industrial style: Rossendale sinks from Victoria + Albert

The Rossendale collection includes a duo of trough basins for the bathroom.

Victoria + Albert launched the Rossendale collection, a duo of trough basins for the bathroom. The rim design of the Rossendale basins means the installer can choose between a drop in or undermount application.

In contrast to sinks with traditional round or oval shapes, the trough basin combines generously sized double-width sinks to form a single rectangle. Trough sinks are ideal in bathrooms where tight quarters prohibit a double vanity.

The Rossendale 122 measures 47-7/8 inches long by 15 inches wide and 5-5/8 inches deep. It can accommodate two faucets.

Its sister basin, the Rossendale 91, is slightly smaller at 36-1/8” long and is ideal for spaces with less countertop area. Both basins have sloped sides and the dropin design. As with all Victoria + Albert designs, the Rossendale basins are crafted from their signature ENGLISHCAST material and handfinished.