Handmade tiles: Palladiana by Hastings Tile & Bath

Hastings Tile & Bath launched the Palladiana collection of handmade tiles, a collaboration between Ceramica Bardelli and Studiopepe.

Palladiana is a combination of micro-patterns and color nuances, brought together within one porcelain stoneware tile. Studiopepe selected the color palette. The collection has four color families, including light gray, anthracite gray, beige and a polychrome version with pastel hues. The collection is completed by three decorated versions of the same tile, offered in gray, beige and black.

Available sizes include 60x60 cm and 60x120 cm with 10.5 mm thickness, as well as three matching decorated porcelain tiles sized 60x120 cm with a surface enriched by a contrasting, structured cross-hatching. The items are produced in six different designs. The collection is completed with two plain variants in beige and grey.

Photo credit: Hastings Tile & Bath