Intelligent toilet: Neorest NX by Toto

Toto has launched Neorest NX, an all-in-one intelligent toilet with personal cleaning technology.

Defined by soft curves and sleek surfaces, the dual flush toilet uses the patented Tornado Flush System, operated by sensor operation or remote control. The automatic toilet seat can be opened and closed by sensor operation or via remote control as well.

The Neorest NX also has personal cleaning features. Front and rear warm-water washing come with temperature and pressure controls, as well as a warm air dryer function.

The heated seat is equipped with temperature control. Neorest NX also includes a night light. Other features include Toto’s Cefiontect Ceramic Glaze, which creates a smooth surface that helps maintain the cleanliness of the bowl; and E-Water+ on the wand and bowl to reduce the need for chemicals during cleaning.

Photo credit: Toto