Lounge furniture for lobbies: New collections from Koleksiyon

Koleksiyon launched collections that meet hospitality needs by creating hotel lobbies that can function as lounge areas, co-working spaces or meeting locations.

The Oscar sofa, designed by Studio Kairos for Koleksiyon, harnesses a modern design philosophy, adapting to spaces of all shapes and sizes with its single, two- or three-seat alternatives, as well as an optional armrest variation. An elongated, delicate frame is spun from slender metal legs that are drawn out in an A-line shape at the sofa’s sides. Subtle undulations are visualized throughout the sofa’s upper layer with delicate lines meeting one another at each cushion’s end.

Bearing traces of the historical texture of ancient Babylonia, Babil Serdiyar sofa has a high back. The detailing on the legs of the sofa can also be seen on the arms. It comes with different colored pillows to support posture.

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Meanwhile, Calder—named after artist Alexander Calder, who is known for his abstract mobile sculptures—consists of four different pouf units and one aluminum tray. The poufs can be connected to one another in various ways and styles, enabling users to create different combinations to match a multitude of spaces. The aluminum trays allow for users to sit and work or interact with one another.

Photo credit: Koleksiyon