Monochromatic look: Sustainably harvested woods from Pioneer Millworks

Pioneer Millworks is offering five sustainably harvested options that come from FSC-managed forests, including Ash, Hickory, Maple, Walnut and White Oak.

Available as engineered flooring, engineered paneling, solid flooring and solid paneling, the sustainable products offer a uniform appearance for a more monochromatic look.

Pioneer Millworks manufactures the trademarked "World’s Most Eco-Friendly Engineered Flooring" with precision tongue and groove in either ⅝- or ½-inch thickness. The floors can be sealed with various eco-friendly finishes, maintaining the wood’s original color or altering it for a custom look. Of the sustainably harvested products, Hickory and Maple have high ratings on the wood hardness scale, making them ideal for heavy-traffic areas.

All Pioneer Millworks products are made in the U.S.

Photo credit: Pioneer Millworks