Multi-sensory water experience: Rainmoon by Dornbracht

Rainmoon’s central feature is a dome which is built into the ceiling.
Rainmoon’s central feature is a dome which is built into the ceiling. Photo credit: Dornbracht

Dornbracht has launched the new Rainmoon showerhead.

Rainmoon’s central feature is a dome that is built into the ceiling. It is integrated into its surroundings and blends into the bath and spa architecture as if it were invisible. Looking up into the dome creates a special depth effect thanks to a hidden light strip inside.

Rainmoon has two spray types. Aqua Circle regulates the water drops down out of the dome like a funnel. The more water, the smaller the funnel becomes. Higher water flow creates a powerful and concentrated stream of water. Lower water flow increases the size of the funnel, and the water falls down around the head and evenly onto the shoulders like a rain curtain.

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Meanwhile, with Tempest, large water droplets fall freely with the force of gravity, so the water does not follow any particular pattern.

In addition to the Aqua Circle and Tempest sprays, Rainmoon offers integrated lighting. Water spray and hand shower set are controlled mechanically by the FM thermostat with a three-way volume control. 

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