Outdoor fixture: US Architectural Lighting’s ValuLume


US Architectural Lighting introduced ValuLume LED street and roadway fixture. ValuLume utilizes the PLED Optical System and is available with 10 light distributions with field rotatable and field replaceable optics. The 40- and 80-array PLED modules are rotatable in 90-degree increments, allowing the lighting pattern to be set independently of the luminaire’s orientation. The 10 light distribution patterns can be configured to meet the needs of various sites. Traditional Type II, III, IV and V-Square patterns are available with additional variations engineered for specific applications, such as front row illumination and forward throw optics.

ValuLume’s cast aluminum housing uses an alloy that is 30-percent more heat conductive than standard die cast fixtures and features cooling fins to optimize thermal management. The electrical compartment allows the use of a range of LED drivers, wireless control modules, high-low dimming modules and motion sensors.

PLED Optical configurations 3000K, 4000K and 5000K CCT’s and range from 45 Watts (70 – 100 Watt HID equivalent) to 266 Watts (450 Watt HID equivalent). ValuLume’s standard textured finishes are available in black, white, grey, dark bronze and green, along with custom colors.