Rx collection by Ecore Commercial

Ecore, a company that transforms reclaimed materials into surfaces, renamed its Ecore Commercial product collection formerly known as Tru to Rx. With the renaming, the collection was broadened to include new products, colors and patterns. The Rx Collection includes various surfaces: Forest Rx, Strait Rx, Cosmos Rx, Infinity Rx and Galaxy Rx.

The original product in the collection, Forest Rx, now has six original wood grain patterns and five new patterns. Terrain Rx was renamed Strait Rx and includes six finishes that look like linen. In addition, two brand new products were added to the line: Cosmos Rx, which includes six colors with highlights that add depth and movement; and Infinity Rx, which has six linear patterns. All of these products feature vinyl surfaces fusion-bonded to a performance backing.

The fifth product in the Rx Collection, Galaxy Rx, is a rubber surface fusion bonded to a performance backing. Galaxy Rx remains unchanged and features 12 colors.