Solid wood furniture: Filigno by Team 7

Austrian company Team 7 has launched the Filigno line of occasional furniture, using such materials as solid wood and colored glass in an array of finishes and palette. Buyers may choose from eight woods: walnut, cherry, oak, oak white oil, maple white oil, beech heartwood, beech and alder. Glass, which is available glossy or matte, comes in 12 options: white, sand, pebble, sludge, dark brown, taupe, medium grey, anthracite, and black, as well as matte-only pearl, bronze, and steel.

A characteristic feature of the Filigno is the delicate casing of genuine solid wood which is replaced with corner details. The Filigno sideboard and highboard with drawer, swinging and sliding doors, as well as with and without design elements, are also available. In terms of fronts, in addition to solid wood, a choice can be made between colored glass and ceramic. For a free-floating occasional furniture giving a light impression, buyers can choose between cubus pure slides or a receding base. Filigno highboards can be fitted with functional interiors for glasses and small devices, including a two-fold socket. Both interiors are fitted with LED lighting, either in cold or warm white lighting color according to taste.

Photo credit: Team 7