Surface protection: Passport collection from DuPont

DuPont Electronics & Imaging launched its DuPont Tedlar wallcoverings line, including the Passport collection, which is ideal for use in hospitality and healthcare environments. 

Developed in 1948, DuPont Tedlar PVF technology has been used as surface protection for various market applications ranging from aircraft components, automotive parts, rail interiors, fleet graphics and wallcovering overlaminates. Now, DuPont is applying this technology to its own brand of wallcoverings.

DuPont’s Type II vinyl wallcoverings provide Type III-protection, including providing functionality in terms of high stain resistance, easy to clean and long-lasting durability, all while protecting the patterns and colors from bleach, scratches and scuff marks to help retain the aesthetics and look for the life of the wallcovering.

In North America and Mexico, DuPont Tedlar wallcoverings will be sold exclusively through Endure Walls, a division of Fluorogistx.

Photo credit: DuPont