Sustainable foundation: Eco-Engineered bamboo flooring collection from Cali Bamboo

Cali Bamboo has added nine new floors to its Eco-Engineered bamboo flooring collection. The new floors are the company’s first engineered styles with click-lock milling, ideal for glue-down or floating installations. Planks measure 72⅞ inches long, 5 5/16 inches wide, and 9/16 of an inch thick.

Like Cali’s existing Eco-Engineered line-up, the nine new styles have an extra thick wear layer of fossilized bamboo over a sustainable core of cross-constructed eucalyptus. Bamboo is the planet’s fastest growing plant, and eucalyptus is the fastest growing tree; both yield a high-quality, renewable building material without causing any damage to the plant or surrounding environment during harvesting.

Planks are protected by a 13 Coat Durability Sealing System, shielding them from pet claws, high heels and other forms of wear and tear. That scratch-resistant finish keeps the bamboo’s color, distressed surface and hand-scraping looking its best. As with all Cali products, the new floors are non-toxic and completely safe for the home with low VOCs and no added urea formaldehyde.

Photo credit: Cali Bamboo