Technologically advanced: Toto’s Neorest NX2 toilet with Actilight and Flotation tub

Toto, a Japanese plumbing manufacturer with more than $5.2 billion in annual sales, announced two new products: the Neorest NX2 toilet with Actilight, and Flotation tub with Zero Dimension.

The Neorest NX2 is an intelligent toilet with advanced cleansing technology. Inspired by the natural beauty of pebbles shaped by water over time, the Neorest NX2 has an elliptical silhouette. It has a high-tech sensor operation with auto open/close and auto flush; integrated Washlet personal cleansing system with warm, aerated water to cleanse, warm air dryer, heated seat and in-bowl catalytic deodorizer; and energy- and water-saving features.

The Neorest NX2's Actilight bowl cleansing technology is safe for the environment. It starts with a plain water pre-mist that reduces waste and grime's sticking. After each flush, E-water+ mists the bowl with electrolyzed water, which has a slightly acidic pH value, to keep it clean Activated by the integrated UV light, Actilight's titanium dioxide and zirconium glazed bowl becomes hydrophilic so that waste, lime scale and mold wash away with ease. The activated surface also triggers photocatalysis, accelerating the decomposition of all organic substances at the cellular level.

Meanwhile, Toto's Flotation tub simulates zero gravity by offering bathers the experience of total weightlessness. To achieve this, Toto determined a specific reclining posture with the buttocks lower than the slightly bent legs, thereby generating the experience of total weightlessness. The tub has special massage jets producing a therapeutic flow of warm air bubbles enveloping the entire body of the user. A stream of warm water flows from the height-adjustable Neck Spa, an ergonomic pillow that keeps the neck and shoulders warm. Hydrohands massage jets create the experience of real hands massaging the lower back. All functions are operated using the control panel on the inside of the tub.

Photo credit: Toto