ECOsurfaces collection from Ecore

Ecore, a company that transforms reclaimed materials into surfaces, has launched ECOsurfaces, a portfolio of durable, slip-resistant flooring products designed to absorb energy, vibration and noise. Consisting of ECOfit, ECOrx, ECOsurfaces Classic, ECOnights, ECOsmash and ECOmax, the collection is available in a variety of patterns and more than 75 colors.

ECOfit is designed for hospitality fitness applications or an active work environment. ECOfit provides sound and shock absorption. This 8.2mm engineered floor is available in 10 colors.

ECOrx provides an ergonomic solution for any area of the hospitality space by offering dynamic energy return that forces users to stay off their heels and on the balls of their feet. ECOrx is available in three colors in both glue-down rolls and adhesive-free interlocking tiles.

ECOsurfaces Classic, the original product in the ECOsurfaces collection, is a four-foot wide rubber floor. With a 3.2mm thickness, ECOsurfaces is available in more than 60 solid and earth-tone colors in traditional roll goods, square edge tiles, interlocking tiles and custom thickness options. Within this collection is a subset of products called ECOnights with 15 color patterns that feature a predominantly black background with colored speckles.

ECOsmash is a 24-inch by 24-inch rubber tile with feet that measure 2.5 inches thick. This product is ideal for hospitality fitness applications. The footed design isolates low-frequency sound and vibration, while providing a spring-like response to any contact. This surface is available in seven colors and can incorporate custom logos and designs.

ECOmax is a square, beveled tile with a patented footed system. Available in seven colors, the one-inch molded tile is designed for use in weight rooms, while the 2.5-inch version offers drainage and is designed for rooftop patios.

Photo credit: Ecore