Acentic launches cloud-based iTV service

Acentic, a supplier of broadband systems and digital interactive TV for the hotel industry, launched the of Acentic Cloud Services to enhance hotel entertainment offerings with faster and more reliable distribution of HD movies and content, with no geographical boundaries.

Beginning Sept. 30, 2011, all HD movies and content will be distributed to Acentic’s hotel partners via Acentic Cloud Services rather than satellite.

The central feature of Acentic Cloud Services is the Content Distribution Network based upon Amazon AWS. Acentic has chosen AWS because of its open, reliable and powerful technology. The CDN is designed broadly open for all kinds of content reception and distribution, plus it has the ability to accept and integrate further content providers, enhancing future partnerships.

Content transmission via the cloud provides key benefits for hoteliers:

●Simplified distribution of thousands of HD movies and content compared to transmission via satellite.

●Faster transmission with no negative effects on HD picture quality.

●No geographical transmission boundaries as with satellite. Acentic can easily transmit movies to additional continents, including the United States and Asia.

●Cost-effective decentralised movie distribution and virtual storage space lets hotels share content with each other, significantly reducing transmission costs.

Acentic Cloud Services will initially focus on movie distribution. The company plans to gradually extend cloud transmission to more Acentic services, including high-speed Internet access, mobile apps, system support, and more.

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