Aleure Ltd. Expands Sales Channels into Asia


Tibetan rug designer and manufacturer Aleure Ltd. has announced Sankon Limited will exclusively represent its sales in the China marketplace. Based in Hong Kong, Sankon will feature Aleure's hand-knotted rugs throughout the Asia-Pacific region, including Beijing, Macau, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

In classic and contemporary designs, Aleure's rugs in 60 to 200 knots in materials including hemp, cactus, nettle and linen, alongside yak, cashmere, mohair, Tibetan wool and silk (Chinese, banana and bamboo). Rugs of Chinese Silk, Yak and cashmere are available in 100 to 500 knots. All rugs are produced in Nepal and carry the GoodWeave label, ensuring its child-labor-free production.


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