Beauteous patterns: Wave & Picket by Fireclay Tile

Fireclay Tile expanded its Debris Tile Series to include two new designs called Picket and Wave, inspired by the beauty of recurring patterns in everyday life.

Forming part of the Debris Series, Wave and Picket are made from over 70 percent recycled content that is sourced within 200 miles of Fire Clay’s sustainable manufacturing facility. Materials include recycled waste glass, recycled granite dust, recycled spent abrasives and post-consumer plumbing fixtures destined for the landfill. Both products are handmade within one of Fireclay’s two day-lit, open-air factories where the company reuses everything including clays, glazes and wastewater.

The pattern of Wave was inspired by the Pacific Ocean, while Picket has a contoured pattern.  Available in gloss and satin matte finishes, the new collection includes a color palette of 80 natural, lead-free glazes.

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