Beirut's Casino du Liban Reveals New Renovations

Poised on a promontory overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Beirut’s legendary Casino du Liban recently underwent a major renovation that brings new glamour and vitality to its illustrious International Room, a favorite gaming venue of royaly and celebrities for more than 60 years.

Under the direction of Beirut architect Dory Younes (managing owner of Lebanon’s A&CM - Architecture & Construction Management), Móz Designs of Oakland, Calif., was selected to supply decorative elements that accentuate the new International Style of the main salon.

“Dory asked us to create dazzling metal wall coverings and dramatic double-wrapped columns that function both as architectural elements and interior design statements,” said Tripp Sandford, executive vice president at Móz. “His design theme specified brilliant tones of copper, gold and champagne, which we incorporated in our architectural products.”

Móz Designs, metals had never before been specified in the Lebanese hospitality market, said architect Younes.

The renovation of the 5,000 square-foot International Room was entirely Younes’ vision.

“Management’s only request was that we optimize space and allow flexibility while ‘uplifting’ the overall quality of the venue,” he said. “Our goal was to create an environment that invited guests to feel comfortable yet still be dazzled with the originality of the space,” said Younes. “Plush, warm surroundings convey an International Style that plays on vibrant colors, abstract designs, as seen in the carpeting, columns and wainscoting, and inviting lighting throughout with custom-designed chandeliers and finely-detailed cove, wall wash and vignette illumination.”

Capturing attention as soon as guests enter the Casino are 18 “double- wrapped” columns designed by Younes and engineered by Móz. The solid core aluminum columns stand 12-feet tall with a 24-inch diameter. Ten function as structural supports on the main floor of the salon, while eight half-columns are faced on the perimeter walls. The Champagne-toned inner column covers, constructed from Móz Standard CC100 Series ETA (easy-to-assemble) product line, were attached to steel I-beams and enclosed the structural supports. They feature an ethereal Clouds pattern.

Wrapping the inner columns are outer “shrouds,” finished on both sides for 360° viewing. The “outer wraps” were finished in a shimmering Móz Copper metallic with a kinetic Waves pattern.

Discreet LED fixtures were placed within a “collar” between the column wraps to define their graceful shape and to also create atmosphere, inviting visitors to venture further into the Casino.

Younes reports that Casino management has further plans for the resort’s expansion.

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