Cascade Coil’s wire-mesh fabric punches up personality

New York, NY – “Whether quirky or dramatic or pouty or fun, every space has a personality that longs to be drawn out,” says Lori Rapport, head of Lori Rapport Interior Design, who likes to think big and is particularly fond of interior waterfalls. “Decorative accents can be subtle or centerpiece, but they set the tone for public interaction with the space.”

For the luxurious Mandara Spa at Atlantis in the Bahamas, Rapport envisioned two dramatic waterfalls, each seven feet wide and thirty feet high, embracing the spa visitor as she enters the lobby. Together with Harmonic Environments, Inc., the well-known specialists in interior waterfalls, Rapport was able to manifest her vision. Harmonic Environments used Cascade Coil wire-mesh stainless steel fabric to hold and guide the down flow of water on the backlit waterfalls. Says Michelle Frazier, Harmonic Environments’ senior marketing manager, “When water is applied to Cascade’s wire-mesh fabric it produces a beautiful patterning of water and holds light very well. The effect is spectacular.”

Ronald A. Schoenheit, president of Portland, OR-based Cascade Coil (, agrees. “Decorative accents are a powerful method of displaying personality, especially in the hospitality industry. The extra zing a room needs to show itself off can be large or small, simple or luxurious, but it is precisely those accents that create ambiance and character.”

The waterfalls flowed from the ceiling over the custom Cascade Coil towers into a shared pool, creating exactly the dramatic accent Rapport knew formed the centerpiece of the lobby’s personality.

In another manifestation of drawing out a room’s personality by using decorative accents, interior design consultant Steve Teeter created quirky chandeliers for the Bistro West restaurant in Tustin, California. OC Foodies wrote, “Contemporary features, such as oversized chandeliers and innovative lighting, add a refined, polished feel.”

Teeter says in retrospect, “When I designed the chandeliers, I had anticipated using a different material from that of the Bistro West in Carlsbad.” He discovered Cascade Coil and was thrilled to find the wire mesh alternative to cloth for the lamps.

Timothy Schoenheit, vice president of marketing for Cascade Coil, says, “Steve Teeter’s chandeliers inspire a playfulness amid the sophisticated interior look.” Schoenheit points out that the chandeliers’ various shapes draw the customer’s eye upward, but their colors direct attention back down to the patterns in the fabric benches and banquettes. He says, “The chandeliers ultimately create the cohesive yet understated elegance and personality within the room.” There are no fewer than three styles of chandelier employed in the restaurant, and two of them utilize the Cascade Coil wire-mesh fabric to give the chandeliers their distinction.

At the Rockwall Hilton in Rockwall, Texas, another waterfall, built by Harmonic Environments and designed by Kaczmar Architects of Cleveland, commands attention and is the centerpiece of the lobby. This waterfall, however, creates a dramatically different effect than the embracing double waterfalls at the Mandara Spa. At the Rockwall Hilton, one single waterfall stands sixteen feet high in the center of the lobby. The center panel of Cascade Coil wire-mesh fabric is lit in bright white, a stark contrast to the soft tones of the upholstered seating. Harmonic Environments’ Michelle Frazier says, “The waterfall announces the personality of the space—bold, focused, almost Japanese in its simplicity.” The clean lines of the waterfall are soothing too, she notes, perfect for weary travelers.

At the Article One Lounge in the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., Cascade Coil wire-mesh fabric forms the “curtains” in the panels behind the popular bar in the Atrium. As a decorative accent, the panels are subtle, and indeed the personality of the room is masculine and bespoke. wrote: “Amidst this bustling location, the lounge provides a prime spot to mingle, catch up on the day’s current events or simply watch for the ‘who’s who’ on Capitol Hill.”

Tim Schoenheit says, “Decorative accents nearly always draw the eye, sometimes brazenly, sometimes subtly. Guests and customers feel the personality of a room shine though, even if they don’t necessarily understand why a room holds a particular personality. Professionals, though, ‘read’ decorative accents and from them can create and decipher a room’s true personality.”

“From my grandfather’s original fencing business in the 1920s to fireplace screens to cutting-edge interior design, Cascade Coil’s rich history is a testament to creativity in motion,” says Ron Schoenheit, reflecting on the business, which is still family-owned and operated. “Cascade Coil’s wire-mesh fabric pushes design outward into a new realm of potential and sophistication.”



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