China: An emerging powerhouse in the Russian hotel market

Russia & CIS Hotel Investment Conference (RHIC)
17 – 19 October 2011, Radisson Royal, Moscow

The Russia & CIS Hotel Investment Conference (RHIC) will examine the opportunity the Chinese traveler offers to the Russian hotel market. Within China, economic growth has created a huge new middle class that is going to shape the travel trends for the next generation. Experts are hopeful lessons can be learned from the changes within China.

Andrew Sangster, editor and publisher of Hotel Analyst, will join Chris van der Baars, chief operating officer, Interstate (China) Hotels & Resorts, in a session entitled "The Emerging Powerhouse of China." They will look in detail at what lessons can be learned from Interstate’s latest strategy in emerging markets. How the Russian hotel industry can benefit from growth experienced in China, and what opportunities are there for Russian based businesses to enter the Chinese market.

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