Conrad debuts menu of unique, destination-based pillows

29 January 2008: To ensure every guest gets superb shut-eye, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, the global contemporary luxury hotel brand, has turned sleep into an experience by pioneering one of the world's most extensive pillow menus.

With more than 75 varieties of pillows to choose from across the globe, guests will find that Conrad caters for their most personal of pillow preferences. Luxury hotels and pillow menus may go hand-in-hand, but Conrad Hotels & Resorts has taken the concept a step further, introducing destination-based and mood-inspired pillows to make their guests more comfortable than ever.

Each pillow has its own unique properties, from anti-snore assistance to cold relief, and total relaxation to romance. Some of the pillows, such as the 'Porcelain Pillow' (Conrad Centennial Singapore), the 'Tiba Pillow' (Conrad Cairo) and the 'Shogun Pillow' (Conrad Bangkok) pay homage to the local culture. Others offer healing properties through sleep, including the 'Cold and Flu Pillow' (Conrad Chicago).

To find pillow perfection, try the following Conrad favourites:

• Green guests at the Conrad Brussels can opt for the 'Organic Buckwheat Pillow' for an eco-friendly bedtime experience that has been used throughout Europe for centuries. The pillow hulls mould to the head's shape and allows natural air circulation, helping to relieve migraines, tension and muscle spasms. If all these choices just seem like too much of a headache, the hotel also offers the simple 'Anti-Stress Pillow', designed to induce a super sleep that will reduce your stress levels as you snooze.

• The 'Porcelain Pillow' at the Conrad Centennial Singapore was the most widely used pillow in ancient China when pillows were also made of natural stone, wood, jade, and bronze. Porcelain pillows first appeared in the Sui Dynasty (581-618) and were created to support the neck and protect hairstyles from being crushed.

• To battle winter woes, head for the Conrad Chicago and choose its 'Cold and Flu Pillow'. The pillow pays homage to Chicago's notoriously cold winters and is infused with four essential oils: eucalyptus to relieve congestion and muscle ache; tea tree, to treat coughs and colds; bergamot, used since 1775 for its uplifting and calming properties, and sandlewood, believed to have an expansive effect on the psyche. Once the sneezes have stopped, couples may want to try the 'Romance Pillow', fragranced with earthy vetivert oil to balance the hormonal system; patchouli, with its calming and aphrodisiac properties; ylang ylang, used as an aphrodisiac oil by the natives of the South Pacific, and sandlewood. Or if beauty sleep sounds more appealing, opt for the 'Snore No More Pillow', which reduces airway obstruction to keep your pillow-time peaceful.

• To float away from it all, order the 'Water Pillow' at the Conrad Miami. The pillow brings a bit of the Miami water scene to bed while restoring energy, soothing stress and reducing morning pain with its thermal water pouch and super-soft hypoallergenic fibre filling. It is believed to heighten appearance by providing a clinically proven, better-quality sleep experience, adapting instantly to cushion the sleeper's head and neck, leaving them feeling revitalised. Or, for a medical marvel, boost the health benefits of the sun, sea and sand with a night on the 'Pillo-Pedic Pillow'. This non-allergenic pillow is crafted to ease tension headaches and provide comfort for neck and shoulder problems or whiplash injuries.

• Sleepy and sluggish guests should opt for the 'Shogun Pillow' at the Conrad Bangkok, which is a traditional Asian tatami pillow that has been in existence for over 1,000 years and enjoyed by emperors and noblemen. The woven tatami rush or "igusa" creates many small breathing holes that moderate temperature, absorb humidity and heat and keep air fresh, while the aroma of the "igusa" stimulates blood circulation to minimise aches and pains. Try walking on it and the tatami fibre filling gives feet a massage and stimulates blood circulation: the perfect antidote to a long-haul flight.

• To sleep like an Egyptian select the 'Tiba Pillow' at the Conrad Cairo. This traditional Egyptian sleeping cushion is filled with layers of carded cotton for a traditional catnap worthy of Cleopatra. Cotton is the most universally comfortable, breathable and softest of all the fibres, natural or manmade.

• Or, snooze like a goddess at the Conrad Sharm El Sheikh, with the 'Isis Pillow'. Made from 50% duck down and 50% duck feather, it offers a blend of softness and support fit for the deepest sleep.

Sleep expert Dr. Chris Idzikowski, from The Edinburgh Sleep Centre (UK), praises Conrad's pillow collection: "A good night's sleep can be hard to find, especially when people are away from home. This menu has the perfect balance of boosting health and making the experience of going to bed one to look forward to."

Richard Blamey, Senior Vice President, Brand Management, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, explains: "At Conrad, luxury is about options, and we're committed to offering our guests personalised services to suit their individual preferences. While our speciality pillows complement the traditional pillow menu designed for comfort, we have taken it one step further still, and have turned our pillow menus into an experience that caters to the individual moods of our guests and celebrates the destinations of each of our hotels and resorts."

For an enhanced night's sleep in your own home, contact the individual hotels to arrange the purchase of the pillows listed. Shipping costs may apply.

For further information on the Conrad pillow menu please visit

For further information, images or interviews with Richard Blamey or Sleep Expert Dr. Chris Idzikowski, please contact:

Oshy Phillips
Brand PR/Communications Manager,
Conrad Hotels & Resorts (UK)
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7856 8261
Email: [email protected]

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Conrad Hotels & Resorts is a global contemporary luxury brand. Conrad's award-winning hotels and resorts are located in key destinations from the US and Asia Pacific to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Conrad offers unique and personalised services for the discerning traveller, creating a world that celebrates individuality in every sense. Additional Conrad projects are under development and conversion in the Bahamas, China, Portugal, South  America, Thailand and the UAE. All Conrad hotels and resorts participate in the acclaimed Hilton HHonors® reward programme.

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About Dr Chris Idzikowski
Chris's formal interest in sleep began in Edinburgh where he earned his PhD working with Emeritus Professor Ian Oswald, the UK's founding father of sleep research. After Edinburgh he went to study in Cambridge (Medical Research Council) before setting up and running the Janssen Research Foundation's clinical pharmacology sleep laboratory in Oxford.

From there he left to become Deputy Head of the Human Psychopharmacology Research Unit at the Robens Institute of Health and Safety, Surrey, before setting up the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service. Chris helped found and then served as Chairman of the British Sleep Society.

Chris has sat on the boards of the Sleep Medicine Research Foundation, the European Sleep Research Society and the U.S Sleep Research Society. He was founding Chairman of the Royal Society of Medicine Forum on sleep and its disorders and guided its transition to become the Sleep Medicine Section.

His honorary appointments include, both health authority (Oxford) and University (e.g Queen's University of Belfast, Visiting Professor, Surrey University) he has also contributed to various sleep-related charitable organisations (e.g. Finland's Unettomat) as well as publishing numerous papers and books on sleep, including "Learn to sleep well" (Duncan Baird, 2000), "Beating Insomnia" (2003), "The Insomnia Kit" (Viking Penquin, 1999), "Serotonin, Sleep and Mental Disorder" (1991), "Sleep (HarperCollins, 2007)", "The Good Sleep Box" (Eddison Sadd, 2007) and maintaining a web presence ( and He recently recorded a series of podcasts or British Airways and writes a regular monthly column for them in their in-flight magazine High Life.

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