davidclovers designs Bama Eco Resort in China

davidclovers showcased its design of the Bama Eco Resort in Bama, Guangxi, China.

With the design team composed of David Erdman, Clover Lee, Mui Fuk Man, Jason Dembski, Damien Hannigan, Spencer Mak, Ziyin Zhou, Timmie Chan and Jody Luk, the property includes two key areas of an eco-tourist resort project that intends to be a flagship project for China.

The design done for Huyau uses innovative construction methods and design processes, with both projects “farming” the existing terrain of the site.

Clad using a custom terracotta tile intended to blacken over time, the arrivals building is mostly buried below grade, flanking the river. This is the gateway project for the property. Cars and buses are pushed below grade, threaded through and around a large bamboo light well and water collection pond. Here tourists coming to visit Bama Cave will see various exhibitions and retail outlets.

Covered with a green roof comprised of a series of earthen disc-skylights, daylight and artificial light emit different colors from the habitat garden through skylights into the floors below. The garden, managing storm and gray water, is a collection point for tourists before and after their visit to the cave where glimpses of the major landmarks and tourists are revealed from below.

There is also a check-in area with two historic trees in a recycled wood. This part of the building uses the water’s reflection, sound and the color vegetation from the roof garden above. Meanwhile, set at the base of Bama cave and its source of water is an archipelago, featuring a therme area with differing types of spa activities in the setting of the river.

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