Elegant offerings: D’Apostrophe’s new Belgian-designed collections

The NYC-based D’Apostrophe has highlighted the best in Belgian design with new collections for Royal Botania and the US début of Hades open fireplaces.

For Royal Botania, available is Abondo, designed by Van Puyvelde as a tailored modular seating system. The frames of the loungers, dining chairs and seating modules are composed of a resilient woven fiber called Nenuphar. The cushions for the seating elements are available in a variety of colors and materials. Complementary tables are also available. 

Also for Royal Botania and designed by the company's co-founder Kris Van Puyvelde, the new Discus collection is a modern version of a traditional teak dining table. The DSC 130 and DSC 160 models are available in electro-polished or brushed stainless steel, as well as coated aluminum in sand, white or black hues. The top of the piece comes in teak or white, black or cafe latte colored glass and includes an opening for an umbrella.

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The Hades is a collection of contemporary open fireplaces. Made entirely of stainless steel, the fireplaces are also designed for cooking, thanks to various kitchen accessories such as the wok, the grill and the electric rotisserie kit. Equipped with four wheels, the fireplaces can be moved around and adjusted to any wind direction. Refractory bricks provide an even heat distribution within a radius of about 13 feet. Hades fireplaces are available in three sizes and in black or gray.

D’Apostrophe also launched an outdoor lounge. The Renson Algarve outdoor pergola structure has sleek, modern and high-quality aluminum construction. It has a motorized roof system, with blades that rotate to numerous positions – ranging from maximum light-emitting to a closed, waterproof covering. Renson's complete line of outdoor solutions are customizable, including size, color and options such as integrated screens, sliding panels or glass doors, lighting, sound and heat.

Meanwhile, Royal Botania’s Vigor table makes use of sustainably harvested teak. It has weathered silver gray color.