Essess Designer FABBRICA hosts fabric-focused event

Consulting company Essess Designer FABBRICA organized a bi-monthly event focused on fabrics for upholstery in their showroom on Wyndham Street in Hong Kong.

In the February gathering, a chair made entirely of recycled jeans was presented, a lecture about appropriate fabric selection was given by Steve Mittman, owner of the well-known US hospitality furniture manufacturer Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman, and the 2012 fabrics collection from Kinsan Collection was showcased.

In a statement, Mittman lauded Essess Designer FABBRICA for its “incredibly imaginative showroom”, where he presented “Fabric 101”. “Hong Kong is considered as one of the world’s top-ranking cities in terms of design capability, and it has become a top resource for hospitality design throughout Asia. The city’s design community, such as the audience at Essess Designer FABBRICA, were so welcoming during my recent visit, and I look forward to visiting the community on my monthly trips to Hong Kong," he said.

Essess Designer FABBRICA is a furniture consulting company owned by two Italians, Savio and Susanna, in Hong Kong. The company hosts bi-monthly events for design professionals, where designers can meet, network, and share opinions on various interior design related topics.

The next event is scheduled for later this March, with the topic “Design De-light.”

Presenting a chair made entirely of recycled jeans

Speaking at the Essess Designer FABBRICA gathering

Networking at Essess Designer FABBRICA


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