Five simple ways to improve the hotel guest experience

As I travel throughout the world, I’m often asked where HFTP members spend their technology budgets. Typically, I share my personal list of technology pet peeves.



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There is nothing more frustrating to a guest than to have slow and/or unreliable Internet. A hotel that does not provide good reliable Internet can make any guest resentful.

My advice is that you cannot overspend on this item. If you can consistently provide it, then you have a competitive advantage.

Electrical Outlets

Guests need power outlets to charge their devices. Road warriors carry an average of three or more electrical devices. When is the last time you visited a room and thought about where to plug in a phone, tablet and laptop? If your enterprise cannot be retrofitted for more outlets, surge protectors might be a good answer (assuming building codes will allow them).


I am a fan of beautifully decorated rooms. But, why cover thousands of dollars of furniture with marketing pieces?

According to a recent survey by, when offered, more than 85 percent of guests will use an online service request system. I’d suggest trying to put lots of marketing material in a well-organized, online guest request system and show off that furniture you spent so much money on.

What women want

In addition to all of the items previously mentioned here, which apply to both sexes, many women look for additional amenities. A good makeup mirror with its own lighting, a good hair dryer in the bathroom (as opposed to attached to the desk near the bed), adequate space in the bathroom for cosmetics, and good bathroom lighting are all important and worth spending some money on, especially if you are trying to attract female travelers.


As a road warrior, I hardly turn them on unless I can’t connect to my laptop and watch my own content. When I do that, I really appreciate having an up-to-date TV with great sound. I also find that if I can use the TV as a monitor for my laptop or tablet, I am more likely to rent an in-room movie. 

So there you have it, five things that, if you get them right, will improve your bottom line. To keep the conversation going, tweet me your thoughts at @frankwolfe.

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