Gonzalo Mardones Viviani showcases Los Españoles Hotel

Architectural firm Gonzalo Mardones Viviani showcased the new hotel Los Españoles project, consisting of the recovery and restoration of an old building and the creation of a second one next to the main building, with a volume connecting the two.

Located at Av. Santa María 2828, Providencia, Santiago de Chile, the property will have a project area of over 27,000 square feet. The interior ceilings and walls of the building are entirely white in order to multiply the light and help create a more open look for the property that faces the northern hills and the skyline of the Mapocho river.

Photographs by Nico Saieh


The construction of the new building with floors that leave free two, six meters interior height gave place to a five-story building and a new additional floor with six rooms. Since the new building has a higher interior height between floors compared with the old building, a gateway was made between the volumes for connection on the third floor (apart from the connection at ground level). This gateway connects both volumes in a slope, creating an inclined bridge.

Also available is a public ground floor. In the connector volume, there is a four-level entrance hall with balconies for circulation of both buildings. The old building transformed into the dining room, and the new building contains a living room, bar and a conference and meeting room. On the intermediate floors of both volumes there are the bedrooms, and the upper floor contains the gym, sauna and relaxation rooms.


Photographs by Nico Saieh


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