Health, wellness take center stage at hotels

National Report – Healthy hotels are front and center this year according to Spafinder Wellness 365’s 2014 Spa and Wellness Trend Forecast. The following trends are gaining steam in the eyes of guests, and could mean the difference in the long run for hotels looking to create a better guest experience. 

* Rebranding around wellness. In 2013, more hotels groups than ever before created brands specifically around wellness (including Westin and EVEN Hotels), while other hotels chose to re-brand around healthy lifestyle options (Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, MGM Grand). Most hotel chains made moves to rebrand in a healthy direction in 2013, and 2014 will see a continuation of the trend.

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* Enhanced fitness options. Bigger, more intuitive gyms are now the norm in hotels. Guests have been bringing their workouts on the road, and even personal trainers and nutritionists can be found assisting guests in hospitality.

* A better sleep experience. A healthy night of sleep often requires more than just a comfortable bed, and hotels are investigating total blackout rooms, nightly refresh options and sleep treatment workouts to provide guests with the best, most productive night of sleep for their bodies.

* Wellness-focused design. Hotels are re-thinking room design with air and water purification systems, hypoallergenic environments and less stressful lighting fixtures.

* Healthy custom food. Guests know what is in their food, and they know what they like. More importantly, hotels are aware of this and are working to not only provide healthy F&B options, but also options tailored toward gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian guests, with some of these menus even making their way to room service.

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Tops for mobile

At 63 percent, hotels have the highest percentage of mobile-friendly websites among 10 other industries.


Other industries with mobile success

Besides hotels, restaurants (52 percent), locksmiths (45 percent) and car services (44 percent) excel in the mobile space.


Smaller businesses can do better

More than half (59 percent) of U.S. SMBs’ websites do not enable customers to research or purchase on mobile devices.


Americans are on them

Tablet adoption in the U.S. has almost doubled in the past year, and a third of American adults now own one.

Source: hibu