Hirsch Bedner launches new lighting firm


Indigo Hotel Shanghai// (c) 2011 Illuminate Lighting Design

Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA), a leading global hospitality design firm, has announced the launch of a new independent lighting consultancy: Illuminate. Illuminate will provide services beyond HBA projects, working with professional design companies and clients to bring lighting solutions to their projects.

“Good lighting design should first be dictated by the emotional and creative response, and then facilitated by the mathematical and scientific knowledge,” said Simon Berry, Director of Illuminate. “With the correct balance of light and shadow we draw reference to the natural world. Consider light falling through the branches of a tree creating shadow and texture to the floor beneath; if you remove the shadow then it instantly loses the contrast and the perception of light is lost.”

The philosophy of the new firm emphasizes the ability of a perfectly lit interior to reveal the subtle finishes, enhance the mood and fit harmoniously with the environment of a project. The design team boasts a broad range of experience and creative knowledge, enabling them to collaborate with the client, design team and art consultant in a unique approach to each project.

One of Illuminate’s recent projects, the Indigo Hotel Shanghai on the Bund, sports a sophisticated lighting design that encapsulates the local vibe of Shanghai. Square ceiling coffers with RGB LED strip lights create a dynamic and varied experience in the reception area- a different color washes onto the ceiling of the coffers depending on the time and day of the week. Close offset down-lights accentuate the curved timber walls and metal hull wall, both hearkening back to Shanghai’s industrial shipbuilding past. The “living green” walls are lit with full spectrum lamps during the day and a more controllable LV source at night.

Illuminate has also vowed to emphasize global responsibility and the high environmental and ecological standards in their lighting design. Each project uses advanced technologies in energy saving lamps and scene setting controls, ensuring that artificial light is only used when necessary.

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