Hotel appearance and condition influence hotel stay, survey says

Granville, NY – Fifty-six percent of vacationers say that the appearance and condition of hotel furniture influences their decision to return, according to the Telescope Casual National Shopper Survey.

“In times when people are severely cutting back on vacations it’s important to keep a competitive edge by providing good customer service and clean facilities, but also comfortable and attractive seating and up-to-date and fashionable surroundings as well. Clearly vacationers admit that furniture is important to them when deciding on whether to return or not,” said Kathy Juckett, Telescope Casual’s CEO.

Juckett's tips for surviving the recession include:

  • 70% of Hotel guests notice if the furniture is comfortable.
  • Don’t let outdated furniture ruin the ambiance, with 1/4 of the respondents noticing this.
  • Update look with new trendy pieces, even if it’s just a few - 39% of guests notice old and used looking furniture
  • If a hotel can’t afford a whole new redesign, then add a few pieces to make the look appear new and fresh - 53% of shoppers notice new looking furniture.

The Telescope National Shopper Survey is a national internet survey of 1,500 adults conducted July 10 through July 22, by WSL Strategic Retail.

Telescope Casual Furniture has been producing quality outdoor furniture for over a century. The company’s product line includes wicker, aluminum, cast aluminum and resin chairs, tables, umbrellas, bar stools, chaises, sofas and rockers for the residential and contract markets.

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