Investing in curb appeal helps boost check-ins

Like any investment, you get out what you put in. Most hotel acquisitions come with a subsequent renovation, either to upgrade or meet brand standards. This is the perfect opportunity to turn your property into one that will not only impress guests, but keep them coming back.

First impressions provide guests an opportunity to be “wowed” and attention to detail is what will keep your guests coming back year after year. The best way to measure curb appeal is to evaluate the ratio of check-ins to non-guaranteed reservations. If you have a high number of no-shows and limited walk-in business, your curb appeal may be lacking. You should also conduct a weekly drive-by of your hotel and your local competition. Once you understand your property’s measurable curb appeal, a few strategic improvements can have a great impact.

Exterior lighting is extremely important, and well- placed accent lighting can make your property stand out. Conduct an evening or early morning inspection to ensure all your lighted exterior signs are func- tioning. Entryway and parking-lot lighting should be bright to provide a safe and welcoming experience for guests and should be inspected for bulb outag- es daily. With new LED technology, now may be the perfect time to invest in improved lighting that provides lower utility costs and, in many areas, utility rebates.

Exterior entrance areas
Make sure your property has large, clean waste receptacles at your entrances and keep them emptied. Landscaping should be well-manicured, weeded and include colorful plants. Entrance mats, partic- ularly those with your brand logo, should be clean and bright to convey a sense of welcome.

Parking lots

Performing routine inspections by walking your parking lot allows you to react to anything that may have happened overnight. If something catches your attention, chances are it will also catch the eye of a guest. A safe and well-maintained parking lot tells your guests you pay attention to details and care about your property.

Investing in a pressure washer will help you keep the parking lot, sidewalks and building exterior clean and in good condition. Purchasing products for pavement repair, paint striping and curb painting will also help maintain the parking lot. These tools will allow you to clean unwanted stains, repair any cracks in the concrete and keep things looking crisp and like new.

Pool and grounds

Replace any broken or faded patio or pool furniture. Ensure the vegetation surrounding your property is properly manicured and hydrated so everything ap- pears fresh and inviting. Provide a sufficient num- ber of ash urns and waste receptacles for your guests, placing them by the pool to avoid discarded trash and those unsightly cigarette butts. For your guests’ safety and property’s appearance, replace any faded signs, particularly those in the pool area, to ensure you are up to code.

Paying attention to detail and adhering to a routine maintenance schedule for these noted areas will go a long way toward enhancing your property’s curb appeal, and keep your check-in desk busy year-round.

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