Luis Pons Design Lab designs Guanahani Hotel & Spa in St Barth

Guanahani Hotel & Spa opened as the largest hotel in St. Barthelemy in the Caribbean. The property, which is the island’s only full-service resort, has interiors designed by Luis Pons Design Lab

To capture the spirit of the Guanahani (which means “welcome” in the Arawak language) design, various elements were used in the property.

The design of the hotel reflects colonial style with the use of traditional craftsmanship all over the property. The sun, which serves as the core of tropical design for many properties throughout history, inspired the use of Panama hats all over the property. Meanwhile, Panama weave was applied to cabinets that sit on classical bases, creating a light perception in the design. The weave represents laying on the beach while relaxing under the shade of palm trees.

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The hotel design also makes use of “layers”, with each room offering elements from different time periods. Meanwhile, every piece of furniture was designed to create a collection that reflects the spirit of the Guanahani, including the night stand, headboard, credenza, bar, lamps, chairs, bench, table and accessories. The furniture was designed as a system of assembly in which the two main components can be changed and adapted according to needs. The bases are made out of metal, while the cabinets are of wood, and the covers make use of Panama hat weave. These are reminiscent of the style of neocolonial furniture, wherein the pieces recreate the image of traveling vintage trunks over old wood bases.

Saint-Barthélemy, dubbed "The Unique Island," is located in the middle of the Atlantic in the Caribbean. One of the oldest Caribbean Islands, it was named by Christopher Colombus after his brother Bartholomeo in 1493 and colonized by the British in the XVIIth Century. The nine square mile island is now under French administration.