Manufaktura69 emphasizes originality in the Hotel Galery69

Manufaktura69 showcased Hotel Galery69, a property situated on the waterfront in Stawiguda, Poland, and is in the same area as the University of Warmia and Mazury.

The dream in the design of the property was said to be the creation of a unique hotel that does not use the easy template of famous designer labels. As such, here, key features are original furniture and objets d'art.

Hotel Galery69’s structure blends into the surrounding rural area. Also, the pattern corresponds with the local tradition. For instance, it has a pitched roof with an angle depression of 45 degrees. The wooden elevation is also the traditional building material commonly used in Warmia and Masuria. Meanwhile, the hue and texture used in the property supposedly relate to the modern times.

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The elevation consists of whitened planks, thereby forming a deep structure; while the roof is grey. The sun playing on the white planks enhances their whiteness and introduces contrast with the sky and the surface of the lake. When it rains, a grey sky deepens the grey roof. In this way, the building always imitates the color of the lake.

The location of the property guarantees panoramic views of the lake. Each room, restaurant, bar and conference room has unobstructed views of the outdoors. The building has 8,611-square-foot balconies and terraces.

The area at the back of the hotel is partly overgrown with lawn and partly occupied by the pier, which is suspended over the surface of the lake. Here, Manufaktura69's main objective was to expose the lake, so that nothing competes with it.

Hotel Galery69's furniture collection is based on advanced techniques and natural resources, so that there are no woodchips and no glue used in making them. Accessories include a coat hand-stitched from a tailor, shoes made to measure, and a portrait commissioned from an artist. Furniture is constructed from long-lasting and all recycled materials, including wood, natural fabrics and stone. Each piece of furniture lasts several generations, and can be restored and repaired at any time and will never have to be discarded.