Maui Mana Kai completes $5 million renovation

Wailea/Kihei, Maui Hawaii – March 23, 2009 - Known world-wide for its perfect beachfront location, the Mana Kai Maui resort has completed over $5 Million in renovations and improvements.
“The lobby, resort entrance, swimming pool, hallways and more have had a complete makeover”, says David Fradin owner of unit 215 at the Mana Kai. “The only remaining task this year is a planned touch up to the spectacular grounds around the building.”
The theme of the renovations revolves around the meaning of the Hawaiian words "Mana Kai". "Mana" means "spirit" and "Kai" means "sea". So, inspired by the "Spirit of the Sea," the new Mana Kai lobby reflects the feeling of swimming underwater. The colors of the resort blend the hues of wet sand from Keawekapu Beach and light green of the tidal pools and incorporate the natural beauty that is a few steps away.
Around 1970, a group of United Airline pilots spotted the peninsula of land, which was once a place of refuge, or puuhonua, where people could renew their spirit.  With knowledge of the land, sea and prevailing winds, the pilots situated the building and its structure in harmony with nature.  The Maui Mana Kai has become a place where the children who vacationed there in the ‘70s remember fondly and return frequently with their children.
The beach lies within 100 feet of the Mana Kai and it gently slopes, has very soft sand and many locals attest to it being the best beach on Maui.  All remember the spectacular sun sets and falling asleep to the sound of the ocean.
The cost to stay at the Mana Kai is very reasonable at less than one-half of the cost of the 5 Star Hotels located about a mile south, a short walk down the best beach on Maui!
In contrast to Oahu, about 90% of Maui’s vacation rentals are owned by individuals who rent them out to the traveling public either directly or through property managers.  Through what is call a “lock out” the two bedroom condos can be rented separately with the one bedroom side having a full kitchen and lanai that is oceanfront.  The second bedroom can be rented separately as a “hotel” room.

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