OPEN Architecture showcases Gehua Youth and Cultural Center

OPEN Architecture showcased the Gehua Youth and Cultural Center, located in Qinhuangdao, China.

The architects in charge are Li Hu and Huang Wenjing, with the project team including Qi Zhengdong, Thomas Batzenschlager, Zhao Yao, John Lim, Wang Jianling, Wu Lan, Ge Ruishi, Sigmund Lerner and Zhu Deshun. The construction team involves the Hebei Construction Group and the Jiangsu Construction Engineering Group; with lighting consultancy provided by the Beijing Bamboo Lighting Design. CABR Technology Co. is also involved.

The 19,062-square-foot center is located in seaside town Beidaihe, where the whole building is surrounded by nature. The building has various functional requirements, and can operate as a theater, gallery, activity spaces, DIY space, café, book bar, multi-media hall, master studio and as VIP room.

OPEN Architecture’s design includes: free flowing indoor spaces that connect to the outdoor landscape, a central courtyard that is an extension to the theater and a roof covered with green and suitable for outdoor activities.

The building is funded by Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group and will be the base for the Little Angle Action Fund under the China Youth Foundation for their Camp Experience and Training Center. It also serves as a cultural center for Beidaihe’s local communities.

Photographs by Xia Zhi

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