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Spin2Cycle Cycle Centers
Location: Home2 Suites properties, such as the Biloxi North/D’Iberville, Miss., one, shown here, have Spin2Cycle Cycle Centers that combine the fitness center and laundry space.


Not all buildings are created equal, and when a hotel is looking to take on a laundry facility it isn’t always apparent where the room should be located. “Every space wants to have the prime location,” said Peter Rudewicz, Sr. director of focused service architecture & construction for Hilton Worldwide. “Fitness centers, laundry rooms and the pool all need their own space, but there is a hierarchy.”

Interactions between staff and hotel guests often drive the guest experience, and rooms should be placed in the optimal positions to allow for these interactions to take place. Laundry facilities are located on the ground floor of hotel properties for this reason, and so can be found close to the front desk. 

However, there are also advantages for having a laundry facility on a guestroom floor above the ground level, including a closer proximity to the guest’s room. The downside to this design choice is the possible noise pollution and vibrations created by the laundry machines themselves, which could spill over into nearby guestrooms. By keeping laundry facilities near public areas that fill with natural sound, these sounds and vibrations can be canceled out.

“Typically, the laundry room is located near other facilities, such as the pool or fitness center, so that the guest can occupy their time while finishing their laundry,” said Juliane Workley, corporate director of architecture and construction design for Concord Hospitality Enterprises Company. “If that happens, then those rooms should be designed with controlled access by use of a guestroom key card.”

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