The Plaza Hotel and Casino remodels using Fontainebleau furnishings

The Plaza Hotel and Casino, a 40-year-old gambling hall in downtown Vegas, was able to re-invent itself using materials found in a cancelled development project on the Strip, the Fontainebleau. When work stopped on the upscale but financially troubled Fontainebleau, all its interior furnishings - furniture, carpets, fixtures, marble, and granite - were purchased by The Plaza.

"When they were looking to liquidate, we got a nice product for pennies on the dollar," said Plaza president and CEO Tony Santo. "And that got our thought process going."

The Plaza, located on the west end of the downtown casino corridor known as Fremont Street, underwent a makeover with the Fontainebleau's furnishings. The Plaza reopened on Sept. 1 with its more than 1,000 rooms and suites remodeled, and was able to offer low prices of $44 midweek and averaging $109 on weekends.

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