Protecting durability

The durability of outdoor furniture is tied directly to how well a hotel is able to keep it clean. Basic soap and water are effective for removing most damaging substances, increasing their lifespan even if cleaned every two months. But for certain pieces, it is necessary to keep them out of the sun when possible.

“Cushions should be taken inside at night to protect them not only from the elements but also from UV radiation,” said Aaron Gochman, president of Caluco.

Certain pieces of furniture can create other challenges, such as loungers with adjustable backs. Tony Marti Pont, president and CEO of LTCS Hospitality Design, believes that though non-adjustable loungers are attractive to look at from a design perspective, they are not suitable for hospitality and are uncomfortable for guests.

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Jerome Armaroli, directeur general at Sifas, stresses the need for open communication between hotels, manufacturers and designers to fully understand maintenance needs before implementation.

 “All furniture has maintenance needs, so manufacturers must be clear,” Armaroli said. “There is no such thing as a maintenance-free product.”

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The products use mechanical-kill spikes that act as a barrier to provide protection against germs and viruses.

The three-pronged approach was developed internally with outside experts including Ecolab.