Richard Meier & Partners unveils first Florida beach project

Richard Meier & Partners will be adding its mark to Greater Miami with the completion of a Four Season’s expansion to the Russell Pancoast-designed “Surf Club” in 2016, located in Surfside.

Already under construction, the luxury hospitality and residential project will include two, 12-story residential towers, offering 150 private units alongside an 80-room hotel on nine acres of oceanfront property. A members-only club, restaurants, spa and other amenities will be included on site, connected to each other via a park and ocean-side gardens.

According to Bernhard Karpf, associate partner from Richard Meier & Partners, the main challenge of the project is to balance the relationship between the existing courtyard typology of the historic Surf Club and the new vertical buildings of the residential and hotel complex surrounding the Surf Club. The designers achieved the balance through the calibration of architectural proportions and of functional requirements.

The unifying strategy for the whole project is the consistent introduction of natural light, and the establishment of visual corridors both of which will connect the old with the new buildings. This dialogue between the old and the new supports the notion of the Surf Club as a unique destination in the context of recent Miami developments anchored in the cultural history of its place and in the contemporary lifestyle of Florida’s largest city.

Richard Meier & Partners serves as the architect for the project, with the design team including Richard Meier and Bernhard Karpf; and project architects including Jerome Engelking and Amalia Rusconi-Clerici. Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design (KKAID) serves as associate architect.

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