Robert Allen Design Group selected by Fairmont Raffles Hotels International

The Robert Allen Design Group partnered with Fairmont Raffles Hotels International for a new program that will make Robert Allen products available for use in its locations across the globe. Fairmont Raffles Hotels International selected Robert Allen for its “design and construction quality, global solutions, custom design capabilities, and green initiatives.”

With the partnership, Robert Allen Design Group will be able to provide FRHI with customized designs, via Robert Allen’s “Room Service program”, which offers the capability to fabricate all ranges into finished products with designs produced using existing or custom-designed fabrics.

In addition to their textile offerings, the Robert Allen Design Group was also selected for its green practices and eco-friendly fabrics, with the group using materials like alpaca, bamboo, mohair, wool, cork and organic cotton, hemp and linen. At least 50 percent of the fibers in these eco-friendly materials are sustainable, organic and/or recycled. These eco-friendly fabrics may derive color from metal-free or reduced metal dyestuffs and pigments.

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