Savvy Studio completes Gowanus Inn & Yard in Brooklyn’s Gowanus district

Manhattan-based Savvy Studio has completed the Gowanus Inn & Yard in the Gowanus district of Brooklyn, New York.

Built from the ground up in the industrial neighborhood, the hotel has 76 rooms, each one inspired by the Japanese metabolism architectural movement, the industrial look of the neighborhood, and the idea of space. The rooms are relatively small, but each room was built with custom fit furniture that makes the room feel bigger.

The branding for the hotel was born from a single concept: a portrait from the 1950s of a middle class family of four by artist Robert Bechtle. This portrait inspired Savvy Studio to create a space that honors the quintessential American dream in a contemporary setting. From that, the colors in the painting were used throughout the hotel to create a sense of cohesion.