sfa design to create first 5-star resort in Namibia's capital

Namibia—Private equity firm United Africa Group has enlisted the talents of the Southern California-based design firm sfa design to realize the chicest, most luxurious hotel in Southern Africa.

The vision for the Eliakim Namundjebo Plaza Hotel is one of contemporary elegance, a rich combination of cutting-edge aesthetics set against a backdrop of classic 5-Star  hospitality design. The  opulent architectural and interior detail of the hotel will mark it as a gallery of intriguing aesthetics and a local must-see for the many visitors to the nation’s largest city. As the primary entry point for all of Namibia,  Windhoek stands as the gateway metropolis to the country’s rich ecological landscape. Upon its opening in September 2010 The Eliakim Namundjebo Plaza Hotel will exclusively serve as the premier, luxury destination in the region.

“This is really the first hotel of its kind and promises to be an unparalleled attraction in the city. Our goal is to increase its allure  and exceed people’s expectations by carrying the project to the limit of innovative, contemporary design,” said Kara Smith, president of sfa design. “The key is to simultaneously uphold a genuine sense of sophistication, incorporating enough classical elements to ensure that uniquely essential ambiance of a traditional, luxury hotel.”

With 136 guestrooms, extensive meeting space and a decadent spa facility, the hotel’s structure epitomizes the visionary architecture of Dr. Jaco Wasserfall (Jaco Wasserfall Architects). Stepping into the jewel box-inspired glass atrium and moving through the lobby, each room promises to unveil itself  as a lustrous gem, emanating an air of nature-infused sophistication. The clean lines, moody lighting and open layout of the space will incite a chic, contemporary vibe, while the rich use of glass, marble and authentic natural artworks will advance an air of refinement.

Rather than adhere to an overt cultural theme, the hotel’s design will pay quiet tribute to its impressive locale, bringing in the element of water as the guiding design principle and interweaving tactile impressions of a rejuvenating desert oasis. Original concepts, such as the impression of water raining down from the hotel’s soaring atrium in the form of glass pendants will provide guests with an exceptional impression of this distinctive space. Decadent pools and marble mosaic flooring further the emblematic message of the value of water as a cherished resource to the region. Soft, neutral tones inspired by the sands and seas of Namibia, will further a sense of  understated elegance, while the works of local artisans authentically illuminate the treasures of the country. Each piece selected will be modern in feel and classical in spirit, creating the perfect mix of innovation and tradition.

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