Studio 11 Design renovates Sheraton Austin At The Capital

Sheraton Austin At The Capital is undergoing renovations throughout its public areas. Overseeing the renovations is Studio 11 Design, which is redesigning the lobby, bar, restaurant, outdoor lounge, indoor/outdoor pool, concierge lounge, all meeting and ballroom spaces and an executive suite. All the renovations are slated to be completed in early March.

During the design process, the company owning the property saw the chance to leverage the outdoor space at the hotel, which had previously been underutilized. Since the property is located on Waller Creek, the company decided to do more to connect that space to the rest of the hotel. To do this, the bar was moved and the restaurant was renovated.

According to Kellie Sirna, principal at Studio 11 Design, the design team completely relocated and reconceptualized the bar to the lower level to better relate and maximize the location of the new Waller Creek redevelopment. Upon completion, the newly branded and conceptualized "Yard at Waller Creek" will spill out onto the pavilion and yard area.

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The Yard will be the property’s full-service restaurant, with the Back Yard will be the outdoor component. The Swing In, the property’s “grab n’ go,” will be located at the front of the hotel when it opens also in early March.

In the renovations, Studio 11 Design will also make use of modified interpretations of traditional and geometric forms. Local materials and vendors will be used wherever possible, and local merchants and artists will have their trades incorporated.

Key elements will include: sculptural lighting that will also draw the eye down to the lower level with a cascading fixture that will float above the new bar and restaurant.

The Sheraton Austin At The Capital was originally built in 1986. The renovation of the property coincides with the revitalization of the Waller Creek.