TOTO, Crossville form partnership

Plumbing manufacturer TOTO launched its new cross-industrial strategic partnership with Crossville Inc., a U.S.-owned and operated manufacturer of porcelain, glass and stone tile collections for residential and contract applications.

Beginning in June, Crossville will offer HYDROTECT as an optional finish on a majority of its porcelain tile collections.

Crossville applies HYDROTECT to its porcelain tile during a second firing process, after the tile is traditionally glazed and fired. HYDROTECT will not wash or wear off over time and is not visible; it does not alter the tile's appearance. TOTO's HYDROTECT technology utilizes photocatalysts with superhydrophilic and decomposition properties offering such benefits as: easy clean surfaces on buildings' exteriors or interiors; cleans the air (reduces pollutant gases, NOx, SOx, VOCs, which contribute to greenhouse gas production and improves general air quality, both indoor and outdoor); and offers an anti-microbial effect (suppresses the growth of odor causing bacteria).

Among HYDROTECT products' secondary benefits are global greenhouse gas reduction; carbon footprint reduction; contribution to LEED points on submitted projects; building maintenance cost savings; reduction in the use of harmful cleaning agents; and a net positive environmental impact as derived from Life Cycle Assessment.

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