Underwater hotel planned for Dubai

Dubai-based shipbuilder Drydocks World partnered with Switzerland’s BIG InvestConsult, on behalf of partner Deep Ocean Technology, to become the sole construction contractor of the Water Discus Underwater Hotels in the Middle East, it was reported by ArchDaily.com.

Pawel Podwojewski conceptualized and designed the underwater hotel.

The patent-protected concept by DOT is comprised of disc-shaped volumes that are both above and below the water’s surface.

The single water discus module works as an independent structure, and it may be joined with other modules to create a larger resort complex. Each module consists of two discs: one disc is submerged 10 meters underwater, while the other floats five to seven meters above the sea’s surface. Both parts are connected by three structural “legs” and a vertical shaft containing a lift and stairway, ArchDaily.com reported.

There will be 21 private rooms located in the underwater disc, walled by panes of glass to showcase the sea life. A special lighting system is integrated within each room to allow better viewing of the water world. Adjacent to these rooms is an underwater dive center and a bar.

The above-water disc is comprised of a restaurant, spa, a special recreation area, and a multifunctional lobby built inside a swimming pool. The swimming pool can be accessed by the roof, along with a rooftop garden and the helipad.

For safety, the structure is said to have been designed to withstand the most adverse weather conditions. Also, in the event of any danger, the underwater disc will automatically surface.

Photos courtesy of Deep Ocean Technology

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