Using size to your advantage

Maximizing space is key in hotel spas. In most cases, the spa is a separate revenue-generating space that must maximize its ROI and get the most out of every square foot without waste. According to Meg Prendergast, principal at Gettys, modern spa concepts are most concerned with providing an expansive space for a given experience without being cramped, but still finding ways to use the majority of the space within a room.

“Huge, spacious treatment rooms are not very often the case anymore in the U.S.,” Prendergast said. “If a hotel finds that it can get more in return for another treatment room they will push for more of them, but having efficient space is a big deal.”

In the Grand Hyatt Shenyang, China, space could not be treated any more differently. In Asia, where large spas are still being constructed and space is available, guests are being given more and more.“In the Grand Hyatt Shenyang we have a balcony, vanity, dresser, large sofa, and both changing and shower rooms in the treatment rooms,” said Agnes Ng, associate for the Singapore office of Hirsch Bedner Associates.

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Post COVID-19: The New Guest Experience

Join Hotel Management’s Elaine Simon for our latest roundtable—Post COVID-19: The New Guest Experience. The experts on the panel will share how to inspire guest confidence that hotels are safe and clean and how to win back guest business.

According to Alfredo Carvajal, COO for WTS International, overbuilding mega-spas can be a problem.“If a spa has a user rate under 40 percent, it is overbuilt,” Carvajal said. “A spa should not be so empty during the day.” 

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