Waterworld: Watermark ID Debuts Luxury Shower System


Watermark ID debuted its new LSS at HD Expo 2011 in Las Vegas last month. // (c) 2011 Watermark ID

Showering just got more high-tech.  Watermark ID, a division of Brooklyn-based Watermark Designs, recently debuted its Luxury Shower System (LSS) at HD Expo 2011 in Las Vegas last month. The LSS allows users to control shower lights; connect to any audio device with a headphone jack; and preset their preferences for water temperature, water outlets, speaker volume, lights, water consumption and shower duration—all from a full-color digital touch screen.

While the new LSS offers hotel guests with a fully customizable showering experience, it also allows hotel owners and developers to conserve water and energy, as well as track water usage through its Green Statistics function. This function displays current, maximum and minimum water used in the shower, and allows the user to compare consumption to eight other pre-sets. Additionally, the hospitality mode allows one pre-set program to be set by hotel staff, locking out setting menus from guests, while brand logos can be easily uploaded to a customizable hospitality screen.

"The LSS takes the custom showering experience and turns it up a notch," said Jack Abel, vice president and co-owner of Watermark ID. "In the hotel design world, it isn’t enough to offer technology for the sake of technology—it’s also important to create a spa-like experience unlike any other while keeping an eye toward sustainability. That’s why we created the LSS. It offers the perfect combination of technology, water conservation, water heating efficiencies and the personalized craftsmanship that Watermark ID is known for."

According to Watermark ID, the LSS can be completely customized to fit bath suites of any size or style and the company can work closely with architects and designers to create one-off designs or multiple-suite LSS designs.


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