AutoCamp breaks ground at new Yosemite property designed by Anacapa and Geremia Design

AutoCamp, partnering with Ohio-based Airstream, is slated to open its newest property near California’s Yosemite National Park in early 2019.

Santa Barbara-based architecture firm Anacapa and San Francisco’s Geremia Design, the team behind AutoCamp Russian River, joined forces to create the lodging experience in AutoCamp Yosemite.

Located on 35 acres in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the property will have a 4,000-square-foot clubhouse with reception, meeting space, indoor/outdoor lounge areas, and a curated marketplace offering artisanal food and beverages. The clubhouse will have a scenic roof deck and an outdoor swimming pool.

Accommodations will include 15 tents, three cabin suites and 80 deluxe Airstream trailers, custom-designed by Anacapa and built in the U.S. by Airstream. There are five accessible suites designed by Los Angeles’ M-Rad Inc.

With the iconic Airstream as starting point, the Anacapa team looked to modernist masterpieces for inspiration. Design-wise, therefore, the clubhouse will have clean, rectilinear planes that will complement the surrounding landscape.

For the interiors, Geremia Design took cues for the material palate from the property’s environs, mixing contemporary lines with rough-hewn materials. Large-scale, low-slung seating areas with fire pits will be situated throughout the clubhouse, showcasing views of the natural surroundings and encouraging a communal experience that honors the tradition of camping.

When it opens, AutoCamp Yosemite will be the first property within the AutoCamp family with a pool, hot tub and fresh water pond.

Photo credit: Anacapa Architecture and M-Rad Inc.