The numbers are in for total hotel projects in Europe and Middle East/Africa

London Marriott Hotel Kensington, UK (Europe's numbers came in at 1,160 hotel projects while Middle East/Africa has 891 projects. )

Europe's pipeline has 177,755 guestrooms in 1,160 hotels, according to the latest stats from Lodging Econometrics. The total represents an 18.1-percent increase in guestrooms in development compared with August 2016.
Europe reported 75,755 guestrooms in 488 hotels in construction for the month. Based on number of guestrooms, that is a 17.5-percent increase in year-over-year comparisons.
Four countries in Europe reported more than 5,000 guestrooms currently under construction. The United Kingdom reported 16,726 guestrooms in 131 hotels as Germany reported 13,499 guestrooms in 69 hotels . Meanwhile, Russia recorded 8,350 guestrooms in 44 hotels while Turkey has 7,172 guestrooms in 42 hotels under construction.

Middle East & Africa

Although the Middle East and Africa also recorded high project numbers, the region fell short of Europe’s totals. The Middle East has 164,898 guestrooms in 583 hotels in development while Africa has 57,011 guestrooms in 308 hotels in development.

The number of hotels in development in the Middle East represents a 5.4-percent increase in guestrooms compared with August 2016. Specifically for the construction phase, the Middle East reported 98,027 guestrooms in 309 hotels. Based on number of guestrooms, that is a 17.2-percent increase in year-over-year comparisons. 

Africa’s total number of projects in development saw a 0.3-percent increase in guestrooms compared with August 2016. As for projects in the construction phase, Africa reported 28,260 guestrooms in 160 hotels, a 5.6-percent decrease in year-over-year comparisons.

Five countries in the Middle East/Africa region reported more than 4,000 guestrooms in construction. Saudi Arabia recorded the most guestrooms in construction with 40,020 guestrooms in 89 hotels. The United Arab Emirates follows close behind with 35,050 guestrooms in 121 hotels. Qatar recorded even smaller numbers than those with 9,627 guestrooms in 41 hotels. Angola has 4,451 guestrooms in 32 hotels in the construction phase while Egypt has 4,169 guestrooms in 12 hotels in construction.

Data of projects in development includes projects in the construction, final planning and planning stages. However, it does not include projects in the unconfirmed stage.