IHIF 2020 Speaker Interview: Abhay Bakaya, Vice President, Development, SH Hotels & Resorts

Abhay Bakaya, SH Hotels & Resorts (Abhay Bakaya SH)
  1. With significant brand proliferation already within the hotel industry, is there room for another brand?


Yes - for a brand that is relevant and timely. One that can pierce through common themes in hotel design and programming and offer an experience that tomorrow’s traveller is looking for versus yesterday’s.


  1. What value do brands deliver?

Brands support an owner’s ambition, whether in the form of financial returns or in achieving a specific vision for a project. Much of a brand’s value lies in the strength of its distribution system and the collective experience of its team.


  1. Which regions are currently attractive for hotel development?

Gateway cities and certain sub markets within them remain attractive, particularly for the expansion of any new brand. There are also a number of emerging, gateway cities around the world that have grown considerably in recent years as they attract young talent to the workforce.


  1. What are some of the challenges in launching a new brand?

It is important to find the right partners and foster a collaborative relationship with them; based on a mutual intent to create the right product for the right location and a chance for owners to invest in a concept ahead of the curve.


  1. What benefit does attending events, like IHIF, bring to your business?

Attending such events offers visibility and the opportunity to tell the brand story. It also fosters comradery amongst peers and insight into the competition.



Abhay will be joining “Pitch Perfect: New Brands in the Firing Line” on Tues 3rd March at 14:30 during IHIF. In this session, the most innovative new brands entering the hospitality market present case studies on their concepts which will be assessed by an expert panel.

For further information on this session and IHIF in general, please visit www.ihif.com